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  • How to place an order on Star Store?
    1.Just Click on Star Shop OR OnlineShop section and select your favourite Product. 2.Select Quantity, Size/Color. 3.On Desktop, Click on CHECKOUT with PayPal or Checkout to make Payment by other sources like Paypal, Citrus OR Manual Payment(Bank Transfer/Paytm etc.) 4.Pay by Credit or Debit Card with details of complete Address and Contact Details. 5. After getting the Payment confirmation, the Order shall be dispatched immediately to the provided address.
  • What to do if i face any problem for manking the payment?
    1 Contact our 24x7 Chatline service available on the website. OR 2 Contact our Customer Care/Whatsapp No. +91.990.689.6244. OR 3. Write an email to :
  • How i can Pay Offline to place my order?
    1. On Desktop, Goto your Cart 2. Use CHECKOUT 3. Provide your Complete details 4. Use Payment method : Manual 5. Make Payment to the provided Bank Details 6. Send the confirmation to the Whatsapp No. +91.990.689.6244 7. After payment confirmation, the Order shall be dispatched to the provided address.
  • How many days are required to to receive an order to my address?
    The Order is dispatched immediately after the payment confirmation and usually it takes 5-10 working days to get your order on the provided address. The concerned Dept. will ensure that the Order is received properly and on time. In Case of any delay or Non-Delivery you can get the Tracking No. by sending a message to the Whatsapp No. +91.990.689.6244.
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